Postgame Thoughts From Bucs Vs Bears

  • For starters, on an excitement and possible heart attack level, this game was a surefire 10.  For awhile I thought we looked like we were going to crush this team, than it appeared as though we were finished, then we came back got to OT and got the ball, only to not score on the first drive in OT which normally means game over, only to get a stop and then come down and score.  It was riveting.  I am on a business trip in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and I could not contain my enthusiasm which came in the form of screaming at a nice local bar!
  • WAY TOO MANY DROPPED BALLS.  This was killing Brian Griese all game.  Maurice Stovall and Alex Smith with huge end of game drops.  WIth the way some players at their positions are currently playing, those two huge drops could spell doom for their PT. 
  • Our running game was non-existent.  Everyone is making a huge deal out of the fact that Griese threw the ball 67 times, which they should, but if you watched the game and saw the inability to run the ball in any way shape or form, you would understand the 67 passes.  17 carries for 47 yards between Ernest Graham and Warrick Dunn, and if you take away the two long runs between them at 18 and 7 a piece, that left us with 22 yards running on 15 carries.  Kudos to the Bears front 7.  They were phenomenal and it shows in the box score. 
  • Quite the coming out party for Mr. Antonio Bryant.  He will probably be the most picked up player in fantasy football this week, after a huge 10 catch 138 yard game. 
  • I thought Jeremy Stevans was great.  He had two huge catches for us, and coupled with Alex Smith’s drop, Stevans might end up being the starter for this team.
  • Incredible interception by Barrett Ruud in the endzone.  He seems so goofy at times but made a really athletic incredible catch in the end zone at a time when we really needed to get the ball back. 
  • Ike Hilliard was Mr. Reliable as normal running crisp routes, and catching the ball, giving the Bucs their first score. 
  • When I was first jotting down notes for this game, I kept thinking that I was thoroughly unimpressed with the Bucs D in the 2nd half.  The offense was generating absolutely nada in the 2nd  though, so some of the piss poor defensive effort can be blamed on that.  The Bucs ended up -9 minutes on the clock.  We still seem to be having problems covering drag routes as well, which is a bit perplexing to me.  The Cover 2 should make drag routes little 3 or 4 yard plays at most, and Kyle Orton was going to them all day. 
  • I have to say that I was quite impressed with Kyle Orton.  He did a Brees-esque job of escaping sacks last year and making plays with pressure all around him. 
  • The over the head catch by Brandon Lloyd is going to be a top 10 catch of the year when it is all said and done.  If you’ve ever tried to catch a football you can have respect for the impossibile nature of that catch. 
  • Thank you Charles Tillman for that personal foul in overtime.  We looked cooked at that point.  THANKS!
  • Matt Forte looks like a solid dual threat for the Bears.  There appear to have been some real nice backs in this years draft. 
  • Gaines Adams and Ryan Sims both had plays that directly led to sacks by other Bucs.  I would have liked to see a little more pressure on Orton.  The most dissapointing aspect to our D through 3 games, in my opinion. 
  • BRIAN GRIESE THREW THE BALL 67 TIMES!!!!  He looked horrible and great at different times of the game.  The first pick was not really his fault, but the 2nd two were atrocious, at best.  We need to get more consistent play from this position. 
  • Big road win and a nice 2 and 1 start for our Bucs though.