Would The Bucs Make A Trade?


Very few teams in the NFL make trades at all, let alone deadline deals.  The Buccaneers though, are one of thew few teams in the league who has made a habit of making deadline deals the last few years. 

The last 3 years in a row we have made a deal right before the deadline: 2005 acquired Tim Rattay, 2006 traded Booger McFarland, and in 2007 we acquired RB Michael Bennett.  Are there any possibly players that might be available at positions this year that we are interested in?

Marvin Lewis came out the other day and made it seem reprehensible for a team to want to trade for a unrestricted free agent. 

"“Number two, what club in its right mind would trade for a player that’s going to be an unrestricted free agent?  Again, if you’re going to start a rumor, make it a good one.  OK?  Make it something that makes some sense to people inside the NFL.  It’s unfortunate.” – Marvin Lewis in response to rumors about a trade of TJ Houshmanzadeh"

I have to disagree with the soon to be fired Marvin Lewis.  I think  a team that has the talent be a challenger for their division and for their conference, as well as a team that is clearly lacking a player at a certain position and finally a team that has a ton of cap room would certainly make a move for a player that is going to be an unrestricted free agent, they would just make sure that an extension got worked out before the trade was consumated.   Well do those three points mentioned above sound like any team in particular to you.  To me, that sums up the Bucs to a T.  We are clearly lacking playmakers at the WR position, and with the uncertainty sorrounding the return of Joey Galloway, wouldn’t acquiring a top playmaking WR be a huge addition to this team. 

"“We’re always open for work,” he said. “That doesn’t mean there’s a lot of willing partners. and making trades in midseason, it’s a tall order to get somebody in here and ready to play. It’s a little bit different than any other sport. In the NBA, they can suit up and figure it out with 24 seconds to shoot it. In Major League Baseball, you’re still playing third base. You’re just hitting fifth instead of third. It’s not culture shock. There are some reasons why I think teams don’t make trades. It’s just hard on both sides.” – Jon Gruden on the likelihood of a trade"

I don’t think you could just trade for any player at the deadline and expect them to come in and be able to learn a system immediately.  A WR though, a smart WR, I think a player like that could come in and be an instant force on any team, especially a good one.

Would the Bengals or Lions not be better served by receiving a pick via trade than letting Roy Williams or TJ Houshmanzadeh walk because of free agency, which they both will?  Would a third round pick pry either of those guys from their respective teams?  Would the lowly Rams who are in dire need of a complete rebuild be willing to move one of the all time greats in Torry Holt for a draft pick?  None of this is even rumor, just talk on my part, but talk that I would like to see the Bucs at least ponder.