Bucs Friday Injury Update


Most importantly, Jeff Garcia was limited again in this morning’s practice and is still listed as questionable for this weekends game.  After last week’s loss, this weeks divisional road game vs Atlanta is the most important game of the year for us.  Not having Carmella would be real bad news for the Bucs.  I don’t even think the Bucs are sure if Brian Griese’s elbow is good enough to play, so Luke McCown might end up starting this weekends game. 

A hilarious prayer from my second favorite Bucs blog, Bucstats.com!  If this doens’t make you laugh, you need to go sit on a long couch and talk out your problems. 

"Lord, it’s us, the Buccaneer faithful. First, we’d like to give thanks for a 9-4 season so far. We’re not exactly sure why you saw fit to give DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart their own personal force fields Monday night, but we’re sure you had your reasons. It was probably something Ronde said, right?And we’d also like to thank you for the Detroit Lions, who are three games away from lifting the burden of being the worst team in NFL history from the Buccaneers. Bestowing Matt Millen on Detroit was a stroke of divine genius that not only shows us your ultimate wisdom, but that even you love a good train wreck. But now, we need your help once more.For some reason, you have decided to cripple Jeff Garcia’s feminine and bird-like legs yet again. Maybe you thought he was becoming too prideful of his legs. He was always jumping around in the pocket even when there was no pass rush, almost flaunting his gift of elusiveness in front of the world. So we get that he might have had to get taken down a peg. But now your almost-creepily-loyal disciple, Luke McCown, is in danger of taking the field in Atlanta, and we know you have plans for using him in the future. We appreciate the steps you have already taken to perpetuate balance in the game by injuring John Abraham’s thigh, and are grateful you didn’t let the fact that he is named after two of your favorite dudes sway you. But Abraham has been known to play through pain before and this is a very important game. So, please Lord, we humbly ask that you smite John Abraham’s thigh.Really get in there and twist some shit around. Make those muscle fibers look like a plate of spaghetti. Or you could even have your servant Plaxico Burress pay him a fully-armed visit. In the interest of good sportsmanship and fairness, we think it’s the right thing to do. It’s not like we’re asking for a swarm of locusts to engulf and devour him. Please save that for Drew Rosenhaus. Amen."

It seems like Chris Hovan and Jovan Haye are doing everything in their power to be ready for this weekends game.  They both have been limited in practice this week as well. 

"“My mentality is to get ready to play,” said Hovan. “We’re going to work at it this week, and whatever Coach Gruden feels, he feels.”“We have to be fundamentally sound in our gaps, and given the opportunity we have to tackle,” said Hovan. “Those two backs in Carolina are great, and the guys in Atlanta are great. The onus is to wrap up and tackle. We missed way too many tackles on Monday night. It was very unlike Buc football. We know what we did wrong, but we’re not going to get down because this game in Atlanta is a big one.”"