New Years Bucs Resolutions


Being as though it is the end of the year, and nearing the end of the season for our Buccaneers, I decided to make some potential NYE Resolutions for the current Bucs team.  Unfortunately it doesn’t involve things like, win the division, or make it to Conference Championship game, because, well, we have 2 wins.  So baby steps it is.  There will also be a focus on the draft and FA.  I am assuming that a new deal will be agreed upon with management and labor with regards to some of my Free Agency Resolutions.

Without futher ado….

  1. Finish with a worse record than the Rams.  Having the first pick is not always a blessing, but this year it would be.  Ndamukong Suh is worth the amount of money that he will receive as the number one pick.  Even if we finished at 2 there is a chance the Rams could reach for a QB, but it is unlikely, given that money given to a top QB is even more ridiculous than the money given to top picks at other positions.
  2. Fire Raheem Morris.  I have been unequivocal in this stance for a long time.  Unfortunately we had the ideal scenario with Heem at DC and Gruden as the HC, but the Glazers butchered that one.  A run at Shanahan or Cowher is something we have to do.
  3. Make a play at a WR in Free Agency.  I generally hate spending big money on a position that you can get quality guys all over the draft, but there are some good receivers who have yet to re-up with their current teams. Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin.
  4. Shore up the Tackle positions on the Oline.  Donald Penn is a FA and Jeremy Trueblood is a penalty machine.  I like the guy, he’s a really nice person, but his skills have regressed.  If we don’t bring back Penn, we have two T spots to fill.  If we do, there are some other high quality T FA’s on the market.
  5. Unfortunately for us, there are very few quality CB options on the FA market.  Patrick Robinson from FSU would be a great addition at the top of the 2nd round.
  6. Fire Raheem Morris.  I’m not sure if I put this in here or not, but just in case!
  7. Glazers sell the team.  If the Glazers are really in financial trouble, and it would be hard for them to refute the stories all over the globe about their financial struggles at this point, then they need to consolidate their assets (get rid of one of these teams) or get rid of them all.  I will be forever grateful for the money they spent on the Bucs turning them into a world class organization, but that same organization is now regressing.   Gruden and Allen were strapped by the financial constraints of the Glazers, so are Radio and Dominik, and unless they vow to make changes or sell the team, whoever comes in here next is going to have the same issues.
  8. Lock up Barrett Ruud to longterm extension, no explanation needed.
  9. Replace Sabby Piscatelli, no explanation needed, watch the games.
  10. Cut our ticket costs for next season.  This has no chance of happening, but our ticket prices are astronomical for the product that we are forced to watch on the field.  Give us a 5-6 reduction in ticket prices per game, and maybe some of the few people that still go to the games, will come back.