Two Bucs Are As Bad As They Seem


There were a couple Buccaneers who at times this season, true the disdain of fans across Bucs nation.   One of the prime targets of that disdain for me was SS Sabby Piscatelli.  I have heard the guy is really nice, and in no way is this a cut at him personally, but his football skills are below average at best.  Another guy who constantly made me angry this season was RT Jeremy Trueblood.  This is another guy who I know firsthand is a very nice guy, but once again, this is not a cut at him personally.  He is penalty machine though, and at times this season, killed drives for the Bucs., produced a 2009 All-Keep Choppin Wood Team on Thursday, and two Bucs made the list.

"Every week, your Scramble writers award players, coaches and owners for mind-bogglingly bad decisions or performances — those actions that go above and beyond mediocrity and directly lead to their team losing. Over the course of the season, a few starts fall down into the dregs, and subtly or overtly hang about their team’s neck like an albatross. These are the players of the All-Keep Choppin’ Wood Team. Tom and I went through position by position and picked out some of our favorite wood-choppers. Keep in mind that this is not only incredibly subjective, but rife with partial information; while it’s easy to get good information on the NFL’s premiere performers, it’s not quite so easy to get information on the chronic underachievers and purveyors of debilitating mediocrity."

Jeremy Trueblood

"Mike: It’s a common refrain that penalty-prone linemen are a massive liability to their offense, and it’s quite true — very few drives can survive a holding penalty, and false starts often put teams in unmanageable positions. Jeremy Trueblood, however, is in a league of his own. He’s a holding and false start machine, tied for second in the league with 13 penalties, and he’s generally a turnstile. On top of this, he somehow caught a reputation as a dirty player. Not “Olin Kruetz cheats” dirty, but “getting fined over $26,000 by the league” dirty. How do you rack up that much unnecessary roughness? Especially as an offensive lineman!Tom: Consider him an overachiever.Mike: He’s got to be some kind of psychopath."

Sabby Piscatelli

"Tom: So, Sabby Piscitelli. It’s kind of a fun name, in that juvenile, vaguely dirty way some Italian names are. His house was burglarized during the win against Green Bay this year, and burglary is wrong and illegal, so he has my sympathies. I hope he was covered by insurance. If you do an Internet search on him, he’s apparently somewhat of a favorite of the ladies. They had an easy time finding him this year; all they had to do was look at who was supposed to be there when Tampa Bay gave up a long touchdown pass."

There isn’t much more for me to say that I haven’t said at some point this year, or wasn’t summed up by Footballoutsiders in this funny article.