Spotlight on the Fans


Hey all Buc’s fans this is Luke “YoungBucs” O’Laughlin.  This is my first post since joining the great staff of The Pewter Plank and I wanted to start a short series of posts spotlighting Buc’s fans.  I believe we have the best fans out there and i wanted to share with everyone some fans that have created some memorable work related to the team we all love.  Work ranging from Mixtapes to Art Work, anything i think all Buc’s fans would appreciate. To start things off I couldn’t think of anyone better then someone that has been putting out some of the most impressive mixtapes I have seen, He goes by Gdubbz on Youtube.  I have watched his mixtapes multiple times and never get tired of them.  He was my inspiration for the start of these posts.  I wanted to share his work with anyone that wasn’t aware of it  and for those of you that have seen his work to get an idea about the man behind the mixes.



Where are you from?

I was born right across the street from the Old Sombrero. Raised in Safety Harbor, and currently reside in Clearwater.


When did you get into making mixtapes and how long have you been doing them?

     I got into mixing videos around 2004. I was really into mixing basketball videos and slowly started to collect football  footage that you see now. I mix mostly just for fun, I thrive off of people enjoying something that I enjoyed making. I still consider myself an amateur, but who knows maybe one day I might get some checks for this.


Do you remember what made you a Buc’s fan?

My Pops would watch the games every Sunday, and I started to watch right around the time Shaun King, Warrick Dunn, and the A-Train were dominating around 1998. Ive been watching every game since then.


Favorite Buc’s Player?

My favorite player is hands down Ronde Barber. I used to just love watching he and Donnie Abraham cover the field. I was like “The balls not getting down the field.” heck of a tandem.


Favorite Buc’s Moment?

That’s easy, Rondes pick vs. the Eagles in the NFC Championship. I think I lost my voice in a split second. Flawless.


Thoughts on the current team?

I’m getting into the plan Rah has. At times I am confused with whats the deal, but I see now what Rah is doing. He and Dominick want balance, and hes trying to rebuild the team one day at a time. I think its going to be something really fun to watch when Freeman and his new offense starts connecting.


Predictions for the upcoming season?

I predict that we will see something on the offense side that we have been missing for a really long time. If our defense can hold up like I know they can, I truly believe that our offense is going to start clicking and putting up points.

“If I had anything to say to Bucs fans it would be to support your team. In this day and age we cannot afford to ignore what we have, and if we do for a considerable amount of time we wont have a team anymore. I only hope that my little small contribution to fans can excite them just that little bit more that will encourage them to keep coming back and supporting our team.”

Now that you know the man and have seen a sample of his work, go check out the rest of his work on his channel.

I am currently working on getting my second fan lined up for next time but if anyone out there knows of a fan that you believe needs to be brought to everyone else’s attention leave it in the comments or send me a message.