Madden 11 Player Ratings for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Hopefully Cadillac can perform these moves in real life.
Hopefully Cadillac can perform these moves in real life. /

In less then a month from now, Madden Nation will be witnessing the midnight arrival of Madden 11 on August 10. With that said, it’s time to unveil the team rating of our beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as the individual player ratings for all of the members of the Bucs’ roster.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Bucs’ highest rated player is tight end Kellen Winslow at 89 overall. Behind him are three lineman: Davin Joseph (88), Jeff Faine (86), and Donald Penn (85). After those four guys, there’s a notable drop-off in overall rating on offense. Earnest Graham, the new starting fullback, is rated at 78, while Cadillac Williams improved five points from Madden 10, going from 72 to 77 in Madden 11. The biggest decrease has to be Derrick Ward, who went from an 84 in last year’s Madden to a 75 in the newest addition of Madden. Second year quarterback, Josh Freeman, stands at a 77. New addition Reggie Brown holds a rating of 70 with an 85 in the speed department.

With two rookie wide receivers expected to start in 2010, it’s always a good estimate as to how they will perform in real life if you consider their Madden rating (okay, maybe not). Arrelious Benn enters the league with a 73 rating, but is the fastest player on offense with a 90 speed. Former Syracuse star Mike Williams boasts a weak 67 rating, which is to be expected considering he quit halfway through the season in his last season at Syracuse. However, Williams has an impressive 93 in the jumping category, which is the highest number out of the receivers.

Now on to defense, where Tampa actually has some 90’s from their players. Barrett Ruud is the highest ranked on the team at 91, while also managing an impressive 92 in awareness. Geno Hayes, starting on the outside, is rated a 79, while rookie Dekoda Watson stands at 64 overall.

Okay, enough with the boring talk, let’s talk about the Bucs’ first two draft picks. Gerald McCoy received a great rating for a rookie, boasting an 84 before he even steps onto the field. His most impressive rating stands in the acceleration category, where he has a 96 rating, which means he will be a force up the middle for Madden users. Alongside McCoy is Brian Price, who also received a generous rating of 75, which isn’t too bad for second round picks .

In the secondary, the Bucs are led by Tanard Jackson’s 88 overall rating with 86 as his speed. Rising star Aqib Talib holds his own at 87, which is a five point increase from Madden 10. The aging veteran leader, Ronder Barber, dropped four points in terms of overall rating at 84, but still holds his own at 96 with awareness. Possible starting safety for 2010, Sean Jones, enters with a 77 overall rating, and a 72 in tackling.

Connor Barth, the team’s starting kicker, is in the bottom in terms of kickers’ overall rating with a 67. He has an 88 in kick power and 87 for kick accuracy. Rookie punter Brent Bowden is the lowest rated on the team at 56, but has an 87 for kick power and 86 for kick accuracy.

For the complete ratings of every Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ player, as well as all of the 32 NFL teams, visit ESPN’s coverage of Madden 11.