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Open Letter to the NFL


Dear NFL Owners and NFL Players,

How dare you?!

How dare you crush our dreams of football. How can you be so selfish? How can you take away the one thing that makes us forget about our problems even if it’s just for 4 quarters?

You’re role models. You are supposed to show the kids of this generation, who look up to you more so than they do God, how to be good people. Not people who whine over a matter of millions to billions. Who do you think you are? You’re not that special that we will allow you to slice out a piece of our lives for the purpose of your greed.

You’re making football fans sick.

Unfortunately for you, we’re not the mindless drones you must think we are. We will not sit around and wait on you to sort out your rich, greedy little problems. If you have to play one more game, suck it up. Try fighting in a war for about 2% of what you make. Try working in a coal mine to pay your house payments and feed your family.

I’m sorry the economy is hitting you so hard you can’t pay for the fifth jacuzzi bar on luxury yacht you never visit. I’m sorry you’ll have to decide between a luxury car and a home theater. I’m sorry these tough choices are forcing you to choose between one or the other.

And I’m sorry NFL owners, that there isn’t enough of the billions that the NFL rakes in each year to go around. You might have to send your kids to Brown or Yale and not Harvard. I weep for your pain. I’m so sorry you won’t be able to visit all five of your mansions this year because the players are burdening you for wanting a little more money for putting their bodies on line to make you the rich billionaire’s you are.

How can you all be so selfish? Maybe it’s our fault for being so stubborn to think you were all actually like us. You see when we get the shaft in out normal people working world, we bite the bullet and power forward. When you want a little extra money you throw a hissy fit and go on strike.

You will never know the true meaning of going on strike. You have the benefits, you have all the money in the world. Try trading spots with a trucker or a factory worker. How can you be whining like little children over a matter of millions to billions when there are millions to billions of people struggling to pay their house mortgages or to feed their family.

I’m sorry it’s so scary to be like one of us.

Get over yourselves NFL players and Owners. Get over yourselves or go away because what you’re doing is unfair, stupid and you’re all coming off like rich pompus you know whats.

But then again your probably don’t. You’re above us ‘normal people’. God forbid if you become one of us.