The Pewter Plank Road Crew: Live, Loud and Local Tour


The football season is under way and even though Tampa’s got off to a rough start, it’s been fun so far.

What makes football fun? We’re not on the field, we’re not getting paid millions of dollars to perform at a high octane physical plane. In fact most of us do the opposite of those things: we’re in the stands, we pay to get in and we stay immobile for the duration of the game. So what makes it fun?

Maybe it’s the fact that every NFL team has a fan following and we are that fan following. Without the fans, what’s the point? Being a fan is something that runs in your blood and gets passed on with all your other genes from generation to generation. It’s a part of your fiber and because of that we are ingrained in the game. But what makes it fun is interacting with other fans bleeding your team colors.

What’s even more fun is meeting a fellow fan in enemy territory.

That’s the point of The Pewter Plank Road Crew. Throughout the NFL season, I will be traveling to all of the Bucs away games to meet and rally with fellow Bucs fans as we cheer on our favorite 11 under the Pewter Plank banner. It’s something I like to call the Live, Loud and Local Tour where the point is to bring together the Bucs family at live games, most of whom will be local folks who happen to have the good sense of being Bucs fans, and then proceed to get loud and stand behind the Bucs in enemy territory.

It’s also a chance for Bucs fans to be rallied and familiarized with their fellow kin. Tampa Bay gets blasted in the media and in other fan bases for having a lack of loyalty to their team. The running joke among opposing teams and their fans is they practice in front of no one to simulate a game inside the Ray J.

To that I say let’s stand up to that. And what better way than going into THEIR stadium and rallying behind a Bucs win. What better way to show your force as a fan-base then to walk into Lambeau Field and shut those Cheeseheads up? Or to stroll inside the Superdome and out cheer the Saints fans as they go 0-3 at home against the Bucs in the Freeman-Morris era?

That sounds like football heaven to me.

Each Buccaneers away game make it your mission to get loud and join me on Live, Loud and Local Tour as you become a member of  The Pewter Plank Road Crew and solidify yourself in the Buccaneers family with your fellow fans.

Show your Bucs pride with The Pewter Plank Road Crew this season!

The Pewter Plank Road Crew’s Live, Loud and Local Tour 2011



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