Buccaneers Fall to Texans 37-9; Drop Below .500

The Bucs were beaten and pummeled into submission and were shown what team they really are.
The Bucs were beaten and pummeled into submission and were shown what team they really are. /

TAMPA — The Buccaneers are falling fast in the NFC South and proof that they are not a playoff caliber team was seen in the results of today’s game. The Buccaneers faced their second of three first place teams in this three game stretch and looked even more sluggish and terrible then they did against the Saints a week ago.

It all started when the Bucs allowed an 80-yard touchdown pass from Matt Schaub to Jacoby Jones on the first drive of the game. It was ALL downhill from there.

Arian Foster looked like a Hall of Fame back against the Bucs cookie dough soft run defense and he even did his best Andre Johnson impression catching over 100 yards and scoring a touchdown in that category too. Foster shredded the Bucs for 84 yards on the ground in addition to his official 102 through the air. 78 of those yards came on one play and counted as the second of four Texan touchdowns.

The Bucs defense was terrible but it still gets a better grade then the horrendous Buccaneers offense. It’s come to a point where I’m so offended by the Buccaneers offense that adjectives like ‘horrendous’, ‘vomitrocious’, and ‘gut-wrenching’ don’t do it justice.

This offense is so bad and inconsistent it’s not even funny. I don’t feel bad for them and neither should anyone else. It’s not us against the world anymore, it’s us against us as the only reason the Bucs are losing is because the are systematically breaking down like a body riddled with cancer.

You could call it brain cancer because the Bucs make violently bad decisions after making a great play. The only cure for this terrible affliction lies within the Buccaneers and they are struggling to find it.

But the cure isn’t being found fast enough. The disease is spreading to all functions of the Bucs as a unit. And like cancer, it’s getting worse as time goes by without treatment. Band-aid solutions have been made like moving Geno Hayes and Adam Hayward but that’s not

the singular issue; that’s called scape-goating and it’s a dangerous move.

Raheem Morris thankfully wasn’t his bubbly self after the game in his press conference. “I told these guys there would be changes in how we do things.”

What that means is yet to be known. Raheem Morris has been pretty lenient in his discipline of his team but know is the time to not start pointing fingers but to start chewing guys out.  Today’s performance now makes three games in the last two months that the Bucs should not be proud of and five games all season long that have been riddled with mistakes and stupid decisions that have resulted in losses.

Nothing that happened today should be touted as a positive; NOTHING.

The Bucs lost this game on every single level imaginable and that’s the hard truth. The harder truth and the reality that needs to be realized now is the Buccaneers are not a playoff team and will not be on the 2011 post-season guest list. Proof is both in the Bucs performance and the performance of other teams. Watch the replay of the Saints and Falcons game and that right there will tell you the Bucs will drown in this NFC South that is vastly superior then they are.

The Bucs don’t need to accept that fact but the fans need to be open to it because nobody is allowed to believe this Bucs team can make the playoffs and be taken seriously. This was a poor showing and rivals the Bucs game against the 49ers. It will be interesting to see what changes the Bucs make moving forward because right now, it would be a massive stretch to call this team average.