Cowboys Rout Buccaneers; Embarrassed Franchise Drops to 4-10


Cowboys 31, Buccaneers 15 — FINAL

TAMPA — The Buccaneers got all our hopes up late in the game and that is all on us. Nothing this team has done over this horrid eight game losing streak gave credence to getting excited about the Buccaneers finally playing football the right way. Tampa managed to best their previous weeks point total by one and cut the points they gave up by ten but the loss still gets chalked up and the frustration in Tampa is boiling over.

Tony Romo tossed three touchdowns in the 31-15 rout of the Buccaneers which puts Dallas in the lead in the NFC East and all but clinches the Bucs finishing on the opposite end in the South.

It took the Buccaneers until the start of the third quarter to get into the endzone and it took until the end of the third quarter for the offense to get there. Tampa Bay went five whole quarters scoreless in the last two weeks getting out scored 69-0 the Jaguars and Cowboys (the only time they’ll ever be mentioned together)  in that span.

Josh Freeman looked dreadful again save for a few good drives. He threw for just 148 yards and a score but it’s sad when the first thing you look at on his stat sheet are how many interceptions he threw.

Freeman threw no interceptions tonight, but he still turned the ball over fumbling on the Bucs opening drive.

A positive about Freeman is that he used his legs. He wasn’t afraid to scramble out of the pocket for yards but the fumble ruined a lot of that ambition.

The defense looked awful from the start but after halftime they tightened up a bit, scoring a defensive touchdown right out of the gate and holding the Cowboys to just three points. How much that had to do with the Cowboys being up by 28 and taking a break is undetermined. But nevertheless the defense showed up in the second half which at least shows us the regression has improved from 2009 standards to beginning go the year standards.

The talk of the town will remain focused on Raheem Morris as the witch hunt continues as to who is responsible for this debacle of a

season. Morris is over extended and I will stand by that as the reason. If Morris had a defensive coordinator and an assistant head coach to counter balance his ‘one of the guys’ mentality I firmly believe the Buccaneers would not be in this mess. Morris won’t be fired in season, but if this continues and the Bucs continue to show little or o fight for him then he has to go.

If when they going gets tough, your guys quit on you then what kind of leadership is that and more important what kind of message does that send out to everyone else?