Warren Sapp is bankrupt


Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar defensive tackle, the outspoken Warren Sapp, has filed for bankruptcy. The former Super Bowl winner with the Buccaneers in 2003 is known as one of the most charismatic characters in the NFL, and the announcement of his bankruptcy is quite surprising. After all, he is currently working as an analyst for the NFL Network and is making some good money over there.

Still, Chapter 7 can hit anybody, and it gets worse. Sapps’ Super Bowl ring from that magical Bucs season has gone missing, as well as his 1999 NCAA Championship ring from his days with the Miami Hurricanes.

Warren Sapp makes half a million per year on the NFL Network and is worth about $6.5 million, but he owes a little more than that to four different women for child support bills. Yeah, even a future Hall of Famer can go bankrupt.

Hopefully, he can find those rings, especially the Super Bowl ring that is a keepsake of his dominance. The “QB Killa” was the most feared DT in the league for quite some time, and he could get penetration on any interior offensive line within seconds. Sapp has also been doing a lot of talking recently, even calling tight end Jeremy Shockey the guy who snitched on “Bountygate”. He also called Gregg Williams’s actions an anomaly, so Sapp is still up to his talking.

I hope this doesn’t end up being an Eddy Curry story- it pretty much is- because Sapp is a legend and not an overpaid NBA bust. He’d better get everything straightened out financially and learn to manage his money. Or maybe, this is karma for his poor job at analyzing. Rarely do you see great athletes turning into even average analysts, and Sapp is one of those guys.

Oh well, we’ll admire his 16.5 sack masterpiece season, his seven straight Pro Bowls from 1997-2003, and his four straight first-team All-Pros from 1999-2002. That has to be one of the three greatest peaks in NFL history for a defensive tackle in history, because he had a 12+ AV in each of those Pro Bowl years and a 15+ AV in the All-Pro years. He has 96.5 career sacks and is one of the best 75 players in NFL history (closer to 50 than 70).

According to the Play Index on Pro-Football Reference, Warren Sapp has the most seasons (along with Minnesota Vikings Hall of Famer John Randle) with a Pro Bowl selection, at least ten sacks, at least 25 tackles, at least a 15 AV, and at least one fumble forced with three such seasons (1997, 1999, 2000).

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