Big Board: The Top 100

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Well, here it is, the Big Board’s final installment is literally our actual Big Board, the top 100 players in the 2012 NFL Draft. Over the past two+ months I’ve spent a lot of time putting together these rankings. I’ve tried to avoid other sites, other mocks and other scouting services as much as humanly possibly so as not to be influenced by others.

This is the one time a year my day-job as a college sports beat reporter and being the editor of The Plank actually dovetail. You won’t be able to tell if these rankings are correct as of draft day, hell even in a year they may still be incomplete, but after watching at least some film on every player on this list, looking at their college production, measurables and trying to project where it all fits together, these are The Pewter Plank’s top 100…


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