Buccaneers Eric Wright Arrested on Felony DUI Charge


The Buccaneers had a good streak going for them. After having eight players arrested in an eight month period, the Buccaneers seemed to have cleaned up their act. That was until early Monday morning when veteran free agent cornerback Eric Wright was arrested on a felony DUI charge and processed in the LAPD Metropolitan Detention Center.

His bond was $100,000.

The incident in question involved police responding to an injury accident a little after midnight in Los Angeles. The accident involved a Chevy Silverado pickup and  Wright’s Mercedes SLS luxury sports coup at James M. Wood Boulevard and Georgia Street. When officers responded to the call, Wright informed them he had been drinking at a friends house earlier that night.

Wright refused a breathalyzer test and was booked shortly thereafter by police.

This isn’t getting Wright off on the right foot with the Bucs who have had their share of off the field issues in the recent past. Aqib Talib’s name gets highlighted whenever the issues are brought up as so far this is the first offseason of his NFL career where he hasn’t beat someone half to heath or fired a weapon at someone.

But Greg Schiano has installed a zero tolerence policy with the Buccaneers with high profile names such as Kellen Winslow Jr, and Tanard Jackson getting the axe because of this policy.

This isn’t the first time that Wright has ventured over to the wring side of the law. Back in 2005 Wright transferred (more like fled) from USC — where he was a starter– to the UNLV because he was facing severe disciplinary actions after he was implicated in a rape and subsequently arrested.

On top of that police later found a large amount of ecstasy in Wright’s apartment. But both charges weren’t filed against Wright due to what Los Angeles prosecutors called insufficient evidence.

But can Wright continue to channel is inner Neo and dodge these legal bullets. With the latest charge against him, Wright was arrested at the scene of the alleged crime, unlike his prior offenses. He was one of the Buccaneers big 3 offseason signings, netting roughly $37 million.

However the reason the Buccaneers signed Wright was so that they’d have an option to replace Aqib Talib with should he continue to get into legal problems. Now their fall back plan is himself in deep legal trouble and actually has Talib looking like a golden child.

No word has come out of Bucs camp yet as to what will happen to Wright in terms of internal discipline. But just as we all took a sigh of relief that one of our cornerbacks was avoiding league suspension, the other picked up the slack for him.