Winners and Losers from the Buccaneers 16-10 Win

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Mandatory Credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE

Loser: LeGarrette Blount

Blount came in for a few carries but cramped up early on. He appeared to be fine on the sidelines but eh never came back into the game and was of very little impact. Instead of using Blount after his cramp was healed, the Bucs opted for D.J. Ware over Blount which could cause some problems in the future. For now, let’s chalk this all up to the Bucs not wanting to over use Blount who has now been forced out of games twice since the beginning of the preseason. But even if there’s not controversy in the backfield, the fact alone that Blount has now been taken out of two games is serious. He’s a power back and the thunder to Doug Martin’s flash and without Blount things could get messy. The Bucs managed fine without him against Carolina but if Blount keeps going down, his days may be numbered in Tampa.