Winners and Losers from the Buccaneers 16-10 Win

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Mandatory Credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE

Winners: Bucs fans

Going off the last point, the real winners of the win on Sunday are the fan. Despite never showing up to games and having them blacked out on TV, Bucs fans are a loyal monster not to be reckoned with and it looks like they finally have a real football team in town. Last year was painful, but you didn’t see anyone jumping off the burning bandwagon. Everyone who stuck around is in line to reap the benefits of what’s in store for the Bucs. The product on the field is getting better, the coaching staff is smart and so are the players as a result. And better yet, Sunday’s win was exciting and it’s been at least 12 regular season games since that could be said. Bucs fans may not pay for tickets, but they find ways to get their Bucs fix and it’s finally appearing as though the Bucs are thanking them for sticking around during the growing pains. There are still pains to be had ahead, but fans can rest assured that the Rah-Rah Raheem era is over and being proud that you’re a Bucs fan isn’t something to be ashamed of anymore.