Fantasy Football: Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em

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Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Sit ‘Em: Jay Cutler – QB|Bears (at Jacksonville Jaguars)

Last week Cutler scored big in garbage time and proceeded to rip apart the Chicago media for questioning his cry-baby antics on the bench. There is no bigger douchebag in the NFL than Jay Cutler which would be fine if he was, ya know, good. Cutler relied on the Bears ability to play offense by way of their defense and had they not intercepted Tony Romo five times the story may have been very different. He runs into a Jaguars defense that has been able to hold down Christian Ponder, Matt Schaub and for the most part Andy Dalton and Andrew Luck. All quarterbacks to go up against the Jaguars have been mediocre at best which means when a mediocre quarterback faces them, things are bound to be a snooze-fest. The only exciting thing about watching Cutler is seeing what level of douchebaggery he’ll sink to with each passing week. So far we’ve been graced with the classic shoving of the offensive lineman and the I’m getting water and that’s why I’m walking away from my coach acts. Unfortunately we don’t get fantasy points for Cutler’s sideline antics so leave him benched until he actual becomes a real quarterback.