It’s a Buccaneers Christmas: 12 Naughty Moments in Bucs History

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3. Raheem Morris and Youngry

Need we say more?

Morris’ era started out with a thud, as while Bucs fans waned to go to an outside hire to replace Jon Gruden, the Glazers zipped up their purse and opted for an internal promotion.

Morris had actually been on the Buccaneers Super Bowl team as an assistant, so guys were familiar with him. But he was younger than Gruden was, he had absolutely no experience as a head coach at any level and he was an unknown name for a franchise that needed a jolt.

The first year under Morris was a disaster, with the Buccaneers not winning a game until they beat the Green Bay Packers in Week 11. The only positive was it was the first shining moment for rookie Josh Freeman, but the season was a wash. 2010 gave Bucs fans promise that Raheem’s one of the guys style of coaching might actually work. The Buccaneers missed the playoffs, but they showed they could stay in games and come from behind under Freeman.

Then 2011 happened, and youngry became a thing. It was a cute idea when the Bucs after coming out of their bye week 4-3 and holding onto serious hope, the Buccaneers would not win another game that season with plenty of blowouts sprinkled in. There were so many franchise low points within the 2011 season such as the lowly Jaguars hanging a blowout on the Bucs, Josh Freeman’s accuracy issues and Morris’ deer in the headlights look at the end of it.

The Morris era has set the Bucs so far back that they best coach they could muster was a college coach with no NFL head coaching experience.