It’s a Buccaneers Christmas: 12 Naughty Moments in Bucs History

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9. Monte Kiffin Quits in the Middle of the Season

We all know his son Lane Kiffin is an unbearable douchebag, but we got a glimpse of where that came from before the end of the 2008 season. Monte Kiffin has long been the defensive coordinator for the Buccaneers, stringing together gems of seasons for this Bucs defense from seasons pre-dating the Super Bowl and even after that.

But with four games left to go in the 2008 season, Kiffin’s son was hired at the University of Tennessee as the new head coach. It was hinted that Kiffin wanted his father to be involved in some way in this move, but we had no clue the elder Kiffin would bolt in the middle of the season, abandoning the Bucs an triggering a four game losing streak.

Some wanted Kiffin to take over when Gruden left, or if Gruden was fired but instead of waiting out a head coaching gig in Tampa, Kiffin took the same role on the level below the NFL on his son’s staff. It just reeked as a move and it stung Bucs fans bad. As we all know the Buccaneers defense stumbled into the offseason, Gruden was fired and the franchise has never been the same.