It’s a Buccaneers Christmas: 12 Naughty Moments in Bucs History

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5. Redskins Revenge 

The Redskins got their revenge for Mike Alstott’s infamous 2 point conversion with a 17-10 road win at the Bucs in the playoffs. Edell Shepherd’s last minute touchdown catch was called off, and the Buccaneers would lose to the Redskins, despite allowing only 120 yards of offense.

The game occurred at a time when we believed in hope. Chris Simms was leading the Bucs, he looked like he could be a franchise guy with Gruden leading him along the way and this defense was going to get at least one more crack at a Super Bowl.

But the game was never within reach even though it seemed that way the whole time. That sort of frustration has come to define the Bucs over the years, extending all the way back to the 70s. Simms almost lead the Bucs back in the game, and it featured Sean Taylor spitting on people, but it was the beginning of a downward spiral for the Buccaneers who would make the playoffs just once more under Jon Gruden before he was fired after the 2008 season.