Wild Card Playoffs Weekend Wrapup


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NFC Playoffs:

Green Bay Packers 24, Minnesota Vikings 10

Joe Webb made a spot start for the Vikings, and it hamstrung the offense. The Vikings never got going on offense, and while the Packers did not have their best game of the season, it was enough to hold off the struggling Viking’s offense. Josh got the pick right here, and I messed it up. I would have picked the Vikings had I known Joe Webb was starting though, I promise!

Seattle Seahawks 24, Washington Redskins 14

In a showdown of marquee rookie quarterbacks, only one man left standing. Literally. I am not sure what the bigger story is, Russell Wilson’s poise and leadership, or Robert Griffin III’s knee. Wilson and the Seahawks offense took a while to get off the ground, but once they did, it was an efficient machine, led by the Skittle-fed Beast Mode himself. This offense is scary when it gets rolling, and Russell Wilson is getting better and better as the season goes on.

On the topic of Griffin III, I stand by comments I made on Twitter as it happened. Mike Shannahan did this to himself, and got what he deserved. He had the world’s foremost sports medicine professional ON THE SIDELINES!!!!!!!!! and still put his priceless, franchise quarterback in danger. He tweaked his leg earlier in the game, and should have been pulled at that point. Considering the field started off in similar condition to a roadside ditch, the Redskins should have considered the circumstances and protected their franchise player. People commented that he shouldn’t leave the game unless he’s “unable to walk” or “asks to leave.” I don’t think any NFL player will ask to leave a game, especially in light of the Jay Cutler situation not so long ago. And if there is a player to ask to leave, it’s not Griffin. He has the franchise on his shoulders, and he knows it. His coach was crazy enough to throw him out there, so why go to him and say “Ya know, coach, I don’t think it’s smart to play in this situation. I have blown this knee out before…”

AFC Playoffs:

Baltimore Ravens 24, Indianapolis Colts 9

Vick Ballard was really the lone bright spot for a struggling Colts offense. He carried the ball well and helped the team gain consistent yardage, but the train would always come off the track short of the end zone. The Ravens defense is clearly all aboard for the “last ride” of Ray Lewis’ career. Joe Flacco had a very boom or bust day, as it typical of the Raven’s quarterback. He established a good, and sometimes lucky, connection with Anquan Boldin, and the game would have been more out of hand had Tandon Doss brought his NFL wide receiver hands with him to the game.

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Houston Texans 19, Cincinnati Bengals 13

This game was ugly. Both quarterbacks had moments of incompetence, but fortunately for the Texans, Andy Dalton had far more than Matt Schaub. The Red Rifle finished with an awful stat line of 14 for 30 for 127 yards and 1 interception. The Texans offense was more efficient, but still not very effective, able to turn 420 yards into only 19 points. An Arian Foster touchdown early in the second half would prove to be the difference.

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