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Darrelle Revis Trade Update: What Could the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Give the New York Jets?


Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As reported earlier on the Pewter Plank, the New York Jets are considering trading Darrelle Revis. The Buccaneers would be a reasonable location for the franchise cornerback, considering he is a player who would fill the biggest need on the Tampa Bay roster. The discussion took off on the previous article on the topic, with Buccaneers’ fans throwing out plenty of trade options. So what do the Jets want? And what could Mark Domink offer?

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports reports that the Jets are seeking a first AND second round pick. He then adds some artistic interpretation, and points out that they won’t be getting anything close to a first and a second. (He also adds that the Buccaneers are not currently considered one of the teams pursuing the Jets’ cornerback). But what could the Buccaneers offer, if they do pursue Revis?

Draft picks are an obvious choice. The Buccaneers have a pick in the high teens in every round, meaning that they hold an advantage over playoff teams pursuing Revis, as their draft picks are more valuable. The Buccaneers may consider trading a first round pick, but would also draw some interest with their second round pick if no other teams offer a first round pick better than the 13th overall. The extra draft pick acquired for Aqib Talib could also factor into any negotiations, as the Buccaneers may consider the two fourth round picks worth offering if it means bringing in a franchise player.

A lot of Tampa Bay fans suggested trading LeGarrette Blount, and that would certainly be an option. However, consider that the Jets have Bilal Powell, but may lose Shonn Greene to free agency. The question is, do the Jets consider Blount a better option than simply bringing back Greene? Blount is a restricted free agent, so the trade would have to be similar to the one that sent Wes Welker to the Patriots, where the terms of the restricted free agent tender are altered to allow the Jets the rights to negotiate with LeGarrette. I’m not sure the Jets gain much of an advantage here, as they’d be better off bringing back Shonn Greene rather than pursuing a similar player under more complicated circumstances. The Buccaneers could offer other players, but honestly, what is there to offer? The Buccaneers could offer Mike Williams, but that would mean they must pursue a wide receiver in the draft or free agency. No other position in Tampa Bay has the depth required to facilitate a trade.

Overall, it appears the Buccaneers’ best chance of landing Revis is if the Jets are enticed by the Buccaneers high draft choices, and ultimately, I’m not sure it will be enough for the Jets to give up their best player a year early and give up on his future.

Am I forgetting someone the Buccaneers could trade? If you’re the Jets, is the Buccaneers 2nd round pick appealing in a trade for Revis? Join in the discussion in the comments below!

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