Super Bowl 2013: Prop Bets Pick’em


Super Bowl Prop Bets are about more than just a game. Want to bet on Beyonce’s hair style? Have at it! Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is a time for great football, fun parties, plenty of food and drink, and general good times. For some, the Super Bowl is a time when they can put their sports knowledge, or their lucky guesses, to the test against a variety of prop bets. Most gamblers are very experienced against the spread, and can negotiate an over/under with ease. But what about the length of the national anthem, or the color of the shirt worn by a particular celebrity? These are the important questions that prop bets ask of the public, and the public in turn places wagers on the most interesting aspects of football’s biggest game.

While there’s no money on the line, Leo Howell will give you his picks from a variety of the best prop bets for the Harbowl, Super Bowl XLVII. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know your picks!

(We’re using a list of some of the best prop bets compiled by Will Brinson of CBS Sports and the line for the game comes from bovada)

Bet: Who will win Super Bowl XLVII?  

Line: San Francisco by 4

Leo: San Francisco. (I have them winning by a bit more than 4)

Bet: Will Alicia Keys forget or omit at least one word of the National Anthem?

Line: Yes +150, No -200

Leo: No. She’s got this.

Bet: Will Beyonce be joined by Jay-Z on stage at halftime of the Super Bowl show?

LineYes +110, No -150

Leo: No, I think there may be another rapper who appears, possibly Kanye West, but I have a hunch that Jay-Z won’t be making an appearance.

Bet: Who will be shown first during the game? 

Line: Jim Harbaugh (1/1), John Harbaugh (1/1), Split screen shot of both (4/1)

Leo: I’m going to guess John, and be wrong when it’s a split screen.

Bet: How many times will Jack Harbaugh be shown on TV during the game? 

Line: Over/under 1.5

Leo: Over on this one. Easily over. If ESPN was airing the Super Bowl I’d go over if the line was 100.5. CBS won’t be quite as bad about it, but they’ll put up the senior Harbaugh a few times.

Bet: If Ray Lewis is interviewed after the game on the field or in the locker room how many times will he mention “God/Lord”?

Line: Over/under 3

Leo: Over. Over. Over. Win or lose, Ray Ray is going out with a bang. And with a bang I mean a three point sermon. But particularly if he wins, he’s going to thank God at least 10 times.

Bet: Who will win Super Bowl MVP?

Lines: Colin Kaepernick (7/4), Joe Flacco (11/4), Frank Gore (7/1), Ray Lewis (7/1), Ray Rice (10/1), Michael Crabtree (14/1), Anquan Boldin (16/1), Vernon Davis (18/1), Torrey Smith (20/1), Ed Reed (33/1), Aldon Smith (40/1), Dennis Pitta (40/1), Randy Moss (40/1), Patrick Willis (50/1), Terrell Suggs (50/1), Dashon Goldson (66/1), David Akers (66/1), LaMichael James (66/1), Navorro Bowman (66/1), Bernard Pierce (75/1), Justin Tucker (75/1), Ted Ginn, Jr. (75/1), Alex Smith (100/1), Delanie Walker (100/1), Field (22/1)

Leo: Lots of good options here, along with some bad. “Field” includes Jacoby Jones, who could easily win MVP if he makes a big special teams play and gets in on the offense as well. Of the players with a given line, I like the idea of Torrey Smith at 20/1 and Delanie Walker at 100/1 could be a bet to put a couple bucks on. But I’m taking Kaepernick, and getting a very small but more likely reward.

Bet: Coin Toss Results

Line: Heads (-105), Tails (-105)

Leo: Tails never fails.

Bet: Which will be the highest scoring quarter?

Line: 1st (4/1), 2nd (8/5), 3rd (3/1), 4th (2/1)

Leo: 4th would be the smart choice, but I’m going to say the third, as that will be when one team finally starts to pull away from the other (likely the Niners, based on my predictions)

Bet: Will there be a defensive or special teams touchdown in the game?

Line: Yes (+160), No (-200)

Leo: I’ve got to think yes. There are so many players capable of huge plays on either side of the ball.

Bet: Longest touchdown will be …

Line: Over/under 46.5

Leo: Over. Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Ted Ginn, and even Colin Kaepernick have all proven they can score very long touchdowns. 46.5 is nothing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one of 60+

Bet: Longest reception by Torrey Smith

Line: Over/under 29.5

Leo: Over. The question might as well be “Will Torrey Smith catch a pass” with a line like that.

Bet: Who will have more passing yards?

Line: Steve Young in Super Bowl XXIX (325 yards) vs. Colin Kaepernick in Super Bowl XLVII +89.5 yards

Leo: This one is pretty fun. I’m going to go with over, I think Kaep will be able to put up over 250, which easily covers.

And one for Buccaneers fans, off the board, made up by The Pewter Plank:

Bet: Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be mentioned at all by the commentary crew during the Super Bowl Broadcast?

Line: Yes (-400), No (+160)

Leo: I’m going to go with yes, because there is the off chance that Warren Sapp is mentioned for his Hall of Fame candidacy. Even still, they’ll have to say the Bucs name, which might not happen.

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