Davin Joseph suffered a season ending injury in the prese..."/> Davin Joseph suffered a season ending injury in the prese..."/> Davin Joseph suffered a season ending injury in the prese..."/>

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Davin Joseph Ready to Return to “Great Team”


Mandatory Credit: Jeff Griffith-USA TODAY Sports

When Davin Joseph suffered a season ending injury in the preseason, Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans everywhere felt a collective pit in their stomachs. The offensive line was supposed to be a strength for the Buccaneers, and when Davin went down, 20% of that strength was taken away. Joseph’s strength as a leader was also missing, as Donald Penn admitted that he would check on Davin’s progress every day, and feels the team will be stronger next year with a healthy Joseph. That Penn quote, along with great news about the health of the Pro Bowl guard the Buccaneers played without in 2012, comes from a recent article from Tampa Bay online.

The article mentions quotes from the Buccaneer guard in regards to his rehabilitation from the injury, and Joseph even admits that he had struggled with the patellar tendon he injured previously, and the reconstruction done during surgery has given him more strength in the knee than he had before the injury. This is fantastic news, as a fully healthy Davin Joseph is better than a free agent signing, and the Buccaneers will be instantly improved by his presence on the offensive line.

It was what Joseph said about the team that is even more encouraging.

"“I really think we’re on the verge of being a great team, it’s about everybody coming together. We have a locker room now full of guys who love to work. Coach Schiano’s a workaholic and it’s infectious. You’ve got guys who can’t wait to get back to work. The building reflects our head coach.”"

For all the doubters in the mainstream media who doubt Coach Schiano’s like-ability, and for all the speculation I have done regarding his ability as a coach, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Schiano has made an impact on this team. Joseph is a well respected Buccaneer, and his comments reflect a team that is falling in line under the leadership of a strong-willed man with strong ideas and a firm delivery. After hearing horror stories about   players not wanting to play for Schiano days after kneel-down-gate, it’s obvious that the media hype surrounding the former Rutgers head coach led most players to perceive that the Buccaneer head coach was reckless or clueless. The truth that the Buccaneers found out during the season was that Schiano was committed to winning, and despite his “toes on the line” style he was willing to do what it took to lead his group of men to victory.

He also pointed out that the team is on the verge of being great. And if you look around the roster, you see plenty of talent and potential. A good offseason and a return to health of some key players will see the Buccaneers set to improve on their 7-9 record, and Davin is a key cog in that system. So what do you think, Bucs fans. Are the Bucs on the verge of greatness? Let us know in the comments below!