Darrelle Revis Update: Offseason Workouts Hold Big Bonuses For Revis and New York Jets


Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only team in the Darrelle Revis trade discussions at this point, and yet no deal has materialized. There are rumors and speculations that the deal could wait until as late as draft day, since that is the deadline for the Jets to get the 13th overall pick that they apparently covet.

But this weekend we have learned that the Jets will owe Revis quite a bit of money should he report to offseason workouts, which begin April 15 (as we previously noted). There is a three million dollar payout in different bonuses for Revis should he choose to report to the team’s offseason activities, as reported by ESPN New York. This is all a part fo preventing Revis from holding out, ensuring that he shows up for offseason activities and providing incentives for him to do so by paying out cash.

The interesting part of this is development is not only the money the Jets will have to pay, but their insistence upon Revis attending camp despite his injury. Look at these tweets from Manish Mehta for some interesting takes:

In other words, Revis wants to make sure he makes the money he is due, and will show up for camp despite it being against the best interest of his rehabilitation. This whole situation provides more leverage for the Buccaneers, who know that the Jets are not going to pay Revis on a long-term basis. The Jets are continuing to operate as if they want to keep Revis, hoping it provides a facade of confidence. But this fake confidence that they can keep Revis is going to be egg on their face should they trade him after paying him four million dollars in bonuses this offseason just to trade him later.

This April 15 deadline for Revis to report to camp and earn his bonuses will certainly put more pressure on the Buccaneers and Jets to get a deal done. The question is, are the Jets so entrenched in keeping a public perception that they want to keep Revis that it’s worth three million dollars? They won’t be contenders this season, so they may be willing to eat this payout just to prove how “serious” they are about not trading him.

Or they could defy everything that has been previously reported, and just keep Revis this year. This is the Jets, and even with new leadership in place in the front office, they may continue to make moves that just don’t make much sense. But if the Jets are looking to get the best value for money out of Revis, they will either excuse him from his offseason workout requirements, or trade him before the end of this week.