Could a Darrelle Revis Trade Happen On Draft Day? Don’t Count on It.


Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody seems to be trying to find a deadline for a possible Revis to Tampa Bay trade. There have been the few deadlines that have passed, the deadline on April 15th due to Revis’ workout bonus, and a deadline as late as draft day. I have no idea what the actual date is, but I’m here to tell you, draft day is not an option, and there are a number of reasons why.

Draft day trades are not uncommon in the NFL. We see a few every single round. Draft day trades involving players are rare, but not unheard of. But draft day trades involving injured players with large contracts wanting extensions? Not so much. Let me open the Pandora’s Box of obstacles in the way of such a deal.

Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start with the obvious. Darrelle Revis is hurt. He tore his ACL last season and hasn’t played a down since the injury. What this means in relation to a trade is that Revis will have to pass a physical before a deal would be approved. Think he can get to Tampa and pass a physical during the 10 minutes the Buccaneers are on the clock? Can we do it via Skype? Didn’t think so. Meaning, if the trade is made and the Jets make the selection at 13, then if Revis fails the physical the Bucs now get the rights to the player New York selected.

One hurdle, no problem, they can find a way around that. But that’s only the beginning. The next issue is the contract. The Buccaneers aren’t going to pull the trigger on a deal until they know they can lock Revis down long term. And they aren’t actually allowed to talk to Revis or his agents until a deal is pending. Of course, it’s been reported that the Bucs and Revis are on the same page, but the ink can’t touch the paper until after the deal is submitted. That would give the Bucs 10 minutes to make sure that everything is kosher. Any hiccups, we’re back to either missing the pick or getting stuck with the Jets selection.

The last problem is the Buccaneers draft strategy. The way Tampa Bay approaches this draft changes vastly if they get Revis as compared to if they don’t. These guys work all day every day getting prepared for the draft. However, you put yourself into a bad situation if the strategy monumentally changes an hour into the night. The Bucs would have a little more time than in the past with the 3 day draft, but they still would not be in an ideal situation. A spot they would be in if the deal is made a week or so in advance.

The Jets also hold all the cards when the Bucs are on the clock. There’s a deadline, and there’s the fact that the Jets will have already made one selection (they currently hold the ninth pick). The Bucs currently have a lot of leverage, as it’s clear the Jets are throwing out facts to the media through sources to muddy the waters and try and regain leverage. Draft day would help to shift power back into the Jets’ hands, and the Buccaneers would be wise to work something out now, or wait until after the draft, when only 2014 draft picks are on the line.

Could a draft day deal go down? Of course. This is the NFL, anything can happen. But if it does, know that the Bucs are taking a giant leap of faith. One that will have to be viewed as a desperation move. I don’t think the Buccaneers want to come off as desperate, but in this league, you just never know.

If draft come comes, and Revis hasn’t tried on the pewter pants yet, don’t sweat out the 10 minutes while the Bucs are on the clock waiting for the deal to happen. Because it won’t.