Assessing the Damage: Breaking Down All 17 of Josh Freeman’s 2012 Interceptions

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Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Interception 13: Week 16 versus the St. Louis Rams, Up 3 in the 1st Quarter

Josh was looking to get the ball to Mike Williams on a comeback route, and he fell down. The throw may not have been perfect, but this one can be chalked up as an unfortunate interception because Williams lost his feet.

Verdict: Josh didn’t deserve this one.

Interception 14: Week 16 versus the St. Louis Rams, Down 1 in the 2nd Quarter

This play was a playaction pass that drew in the linebackers, but the pass takes a while to develop, and the linebackers drop back into coverage. Josh tries to throw a comeback route to Vincent Jackson, but telegraphs it enough that the linebackers dropping from the fake are able to track it and one makes the play for an interception. The middle of the field was open, so Jackson could have been sent on a different route, rather than coming back towards the line on a play where linebackers are sucked into that area of the field. Not sure I like the route, and I don’t like the throw to Jackson on this play. I think he could have gone to Mike Williams, who was in more space on the wide side of the field and possibly made something happen there.

Verdict: This pass was telegraphed and was a poor decision by Josh Freeman, but the play could have been called better.

Interception 15: Week 16 versus the St. Louis Rams, Down 15 in the 2nd Quarter

Mike Martz from FOX Sports NFL said that this interception was on Mike Williams, who ran a very soft short in route and allowed the receiver to cut in and make the play. Martz points out that Williams needed to get “across the DB’s face” and get to the football, but instead Williams just cut short in and allowed the DB to take a free run at the football.  Mike was jogging to the football to try to time a catch and run, rather than competing for space to make a catch for a sure first down.

Verdict: This one is on Mike. It could have at least been an incompletion, but should have been a catch, because Mike had the space, time, and speed to get in front of the DB and keep him from making the play.

Interception 16: Week 16 versus the St. Louis Rams, Down 15 in the 4th Quarter

This pass was batted down at the line, and popped up for an interception. Josh was trying to make a pretty decent pass to an apparently open Mike Williams, but it never made it.

Verdict: This one was unfair to Josh, as well.

Interception 17: Week 17 versus the Atlanta Falcons, Up 13 in the 3rd Quarter

Josh directs traffic and leads Tiquan Underwood into a bit of open space for a pass, but this attracts the attention of Asante Samuel. Underwood sits down waiting for the pass, and Samuel cuts in front for an easy pick.

Verdict: Probably on both Freeman and Underwood, because Underwood made no effort to fight for the ball or come back to it, and the play wasn’t going to result in a first down so Freeman could have played it more conservatively with a lead.

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