Welcome back to Pewter and Read, our daily care package of Bucs and NFL news and opinions..."/> Welcome back to Pewter and Read, our daily care package of Bucs and NFL news and opinions..."/>

Pewter And Read: Links From Around the Web About the Buccaneers and More, June 13th, 2013


Welcome back to Pewter and Read, our daily care package of Bucs and NFL news and opinions from around the web. Here are the stories we’re reading today:

  • The Buccaneers canceled practice today, in favor of heading out to see World War Z. Greg Schiano informed the team that they’d be heading out to watch the movie, which definitely was good news for the players, and they let the world know on Twitter.
  • So while the Buccaneers were off watching a movie, the front office was at work, signing tryout player Derek Hagan to a contract. Hagan is a wideout with some NFL experience, so he’ll provide a replacement for Steve Smith as the veteran looking to get back onto an NFL roster. Hagan was a member of the Raiders last year and had a couple dozen catches, so he has a bit of pedigree on his side competing against some of the other receivers looking to earn the job behind Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson.
  • The Buccaneers are also excited about getting to work against Darrelle Revis in camp and practice. As the Tampa Tribune reported, the Bucs’ receivers are anxious to get on the field against one of the best corners they’ve seen play during their time in the NFL. This is an aspect of Revis’ arrival that hasn’t been talked about much, but should help the team on a practical level. Revis provides an example for his teammates in practice, and also provides a very strong opponent for receivers to compete against on the practice field.
  • In semi-Bucs news, the fantasy football experts have started the season by having one of the first major fantasy drafts of the year. The FSTA conference was the home for the first big expert draft of the season, and the results are somewhat surprising. You can check out the draft board here. The first thing I notice is that Doug Martin is seen by many as a fourth or fifth option in drafts, which I believe to be a huge mistake. But besides the lack of respect that Martin is receiving, which you can turn into a bonus by taking him early in your fantasy drafts, notice where the experts have ranked Josh Freeman. He was taken right around Carson Palmer and Sam Bradford, and was outside of the top 14 passers taken. This means he’s seen as a backup quarterback, and with the potential he holds to step forward and perform better than expected, he is a smart pick late in your fantasy drafts. Also… Brandon Marshall ahead of A.J. Green? Good luck with that!

So, Bucs fans, got any fantasy football calls you want to make? Put them out for all to see in the comment section below. And be sure to rejoin us tomorrow for another edition of Pewter and Read.