Enjoy The Buccaneers for Yourself, Don’t Worry About How Many Tickets Are Sold


Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On the eve of 2013 single game tickets release date, I’m here to remind you of a number of comments you’ve heard and will hear again this year, and how you should respond.

Cheering for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can be a tough job. It’s a team that hasn’t triumphed in a playoff game in 3,798 days. A team that has trouble selling out its stadium week in and week out. And a team that national media love to overlook.

But all of this combined should mean one thing to you. Well, less than one thing, really. Nothing.

When people come at the Buccaneers and say they are losers, they haven’t had success this decade, or say they are still at the bottom of a difficult division, simply respond, “Let’s just wait and see.” As a Bucs fan, you know this team is improving. You know they are headed in the right direction. And you know that when they finally do break through that people will be asking you how they are doing it. Cheer for your team, live and die on every down, but don’t let anyone waver your spirit with past failures. The past is only good for arguments, the present and the future is what matters, keep your focus there.

You are going to read article after article after article about attendance problems. You’ll see talk about the team moving to London. You’ll read about blackouts, you’ll hear jokes, and quips, and laughter about something that is so meaningless to you, the fan, it’s almost comical. There are certain people who care about attendance, and as it turns out, unless you are sitting at One Buc reading this (if you are please call me), it doesn’t matter to you.

Blackouts are the only section of poor attendance that affects fans. And with the ability to buy cheap tickets, drive a couple of hours north to watch at a bar, or even watch one of these internet streams (I’ve heard this is possible, however we here at TPP do not condone this type of behavior) blackouts are avoidable. Like the headline of this article says, cheer for the Bucs with your friends, and don’t worry about snide comments about attendance or franchise history.

And finally, the national media. When they turn a blind eye, or flex another game into primetime when the Tampa Bay game is clearly better, just remember one thing. They televise all playoff games. When January comes, they won’t have a choice, and we can sit back on our comfy couches and chuckle.

Or we’ll be debating Josh Freeman’s future. Either way, it’s going to be a fun season in Tampa Bay.