Tampa Bay Buccaneers Power Rankings: Ranking The Best Players on the Bucs’ Roster


Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the preseason set to kick off Thursday it’s time for the first ever Buccaneers Power Rankings. Just like NFL Network has the players rank the top 100 players in the league, we’re going to give you the top 25 Buccaneers. However, unlike the NFL Network poll, this one is fluid. Each week a new power ranking will come out, and players will move up and down based on their performances. It’s kind of like the polls in college football, except I’m the only one who gets to vote.

So without further ado, here’s the first ever, Buccaneers Power Rankings.

1Vincent JacksonAbsolute beast. The Bucs needed a top WR, they’ve now got one.
2Gerald McCoyMcCoy is a world mover. If the D-Line succeeds, it starts with him.
3Doug MartinThe Muscle Hamster is ready to roll again.
4Darrelle RevisRevis Island is back. And it’s the driving force behind the “No Fly Zone”
5Dashon GoldsonThe Hawk is already leading off the field, time to show it on the field too.
6Josh FreemanCouple good outings and he’s in the top 3.
7Lavonte DavidMonster year last season, time to do it again.
8Donald PennSlimmer, fitter, and hopefully even better than before.
9Carl NicksNeeds to stay healthy, but if he can, he’ll be a Pro Bowler again.
10Davin JosephSee Carl Nicks.
11Adrian ClaybornWe started to see flashes, now we want to see the whole package.
12Mark BarronNot a bad rookie year, now with a hitting buddy in Goldson, time to take the next step.
13Mike WilliamsNew contract, need more of the same results.
14Mason FosterCould use more from Foster. Not bad, but not great.
15Da’Quan BowersThe table is set, time to show up for dinner.
16Jeremy ZuttahJack of all trades lineman, versatile, but not on the level of Penn, Nicks, or Joseph.
17Dekoda WatsonFinally getting a chance. Made many plays in the past, let’s see them as a starter.
18Leonard JohnsonRose to the top of the “other corners,” not going to be easy to stay there.
19Demar DotsonSays he’s going to be best RT in NFL. Needs to become 4th best OL on team first.
20Gary GibsonNeeds to go from blah to someone much more impactful.
21Akeem SpenceLook out Gibson, the “ridiculously strong” man is on your heels.
22Jamon MeredithExcellent back up lineman, great asset for the team.
23Tom CrabtreeShow me something and you’ll move up quick.
24Johnthan BanksFirst draft pick, now needs to prove he’s the undisputed top rookie.
25Jonathan CasillasWatson’s spot is not written in pen.

Honorable mentions (in no order) : Brian Leonard, Tiquan Underwood, Danny Gorrer, Erik Lorig