Dexter Jackson: Greg Schiano Kicked Elementary Schoolers Out of Practice, Friends Warned Jackson Not to Work for The Bucs


December 9, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers former players, coaches of the 2002 super bowl team gather for a photo during a celebration of the 10th anniversary of their victory at Raymond James Stadium. The Eagles won 23-21. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Buccaneers even took to the field on Sunday, we learned a bit more about Greg Schiano and the organization he’s running at One Buc Place these days.

According to Justin Pawlowski of 98.7 The Fan in Tampa, former Buccaneer and Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson told Pawlowski and the listeners of The Fan that his dealings with Greg Schiano and the Bucs have been negative and concerning.

Jackson stated that he first asked around about getting a job at One Buc Place, and was warned by others that he should “be careful” and that he wouldn’t want to work with Schiano. He admitted this was surprising, considering he’s a hero of Buccaneer history.

The former Tampa Bay safety then stated that Schiano had one of “his guys” remove Jackson and his group of fourth and fifth graders from a practice, claiming they were a distraction.

Jackson does case management work, and brings along children from the area who are behaving well and earned a trip out to see some of their favorite players in person. But Schiano allegedly sent one of his “guys” to remove Jackson from practice because the children and Jackson were a distraction.

If bringing along hard-working elementary schoolers for a day of watching NFL practice is a distraction for Greg Schiano’s team, then they’re not very well coached. Unless there is a side of this story that we’re unaware of, and Jackson was goofing off with players during active practice time, this is yet another example of Schiano wasting time focusing on the wrong things, and failing to recognize the greater issues with his team.

Schiano is the coach of a now 0-6 football team that is looking less and less disciplined by the hour. But rather than adapting the offense or defense, or working on fundamentals and eliminating penalties, time is being spent reviewing tape of the sidelines for players goofing off, and former Bucs are being removed from practice just for bringing along some children who wanted to see some football players in person.

I have the utmost respect for Dexter Jackson, and I remember his contributions to the Buccaneers fondly. So if he was asked to leave One Buc Place because bringing some children he works with to practice is a distraction, then the priorities of this coaching staff and organization are way off base.

The players and coaches should be striving to involve themselves in the community, rather than continuing to shun the community with poor performances, comments like those from Bill Sheridan mocking fans who question his defense, and kicking out children from practice for somehow being a distraction.