2014 NFL Draft: Interview with Baylor Tight End Jordan Najvar


Sep 15, 2012; Waco, TX, USA; Baylor Bears tight end Jordan Najvar (18) scores a touchdown against the Sam Houston State Bearkats during the third quarter at Floyd Casey Stadium. The Bears defeated the Bearkats 43-28. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I had a chance to ask Baylor tight end Jordan Najvar a few questions about the combine, his path to the draft, and what sets him apart from the other tight ends in the class.

How did you prepare for the combine workouts?
“I trained at Michael Johnson Performance in Dallas for three weeks after I finished playing in two all-star games. When I was at MJP, I trained Monday-Saturday. Each day consisted of two sessions, except for Saturday, which was just a lifting day. These sessions involved speed work, agility work, lifting, running routes. On top of the physical work we also had interview prep and did film/chalk talk with our position coaches weekly.”

Do you feel your combine workouts went the way you had hoped?
“Overall, I felt good about how the whole combine experience went (interviews, medical exams, psychological tests, physical tests, and positional drills). There are a couple of things that I will test again and improve on at my pro day. It was important to me to do every event the combine offered, because it would show me the areas I need to improve on. And that is the best thing about pro day is that it gives you another chance to compete again and improve your results.”

What aspect of your game are you looking to improve most between now and May?
“Between now and May I’m looking to improve on my route running. The NFL route tree is more complex than the college level. I feel improving my routes will help my game the most right now.”

What was the most important takeaway from the two All-Star games?
“The most important takeaway was studying your playbook every minute of every day. And to make sure you’re grasping the other concepts around you and not just what your position does. By knowing all the concepts of each play it will allow you to be able to play multiple positions in the offense.”

What sets you apart from the other tight ends in the draft?
“I believe my versatility and football knowledge. At Baylor I lined up in a variety of positions, (slot, inline, fullback, H Back). Also, I have great football knowledge. At Baylor I was involved in giving the O-line the call, as well as checking to certain plays based on the defense’s alignment.”

Which offensive system do you feel fits you best?
“I feel I can be good in any offensive system, because of how Baylor lined me up in a variety of ways each week. I am comfortable lining up in any tight end/h-back/fullback position, which should help me fit into any offensive system.”

Who has been your biggest mentor during the draft preparation process?
“My parents, they are always there for me and give the best advice on how to handle certain situations.”

Which NFL tight end do you look up to most?
“Jason Witten, because he is a complete, every down tight end. He can run block, pass block, and is great in the receiving game.”

Favorite Baylor football moment?
“Beating Texas to win the Big 12 championship this past year.”

Who was the toughest defender you faced in college?
“Khalil Mack.”

What is your favorite off the field activity?
“Playing Golf.”

Najvar was an essential piece of the Baylor offense during his time on campus. His knowledge of the game and versatility on the field will make him a sought after prospect in the middle rounds of the upcoming draft.