Buccaneers vs. Texans: Q&A with Toro Times


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Houston Texans in week 3 of NFL action on Sunday. This will be the Bucs second straight road game after they defeated the Saints 26-19 this past Sunday.

Even though the Texans are still winless in 2015, they do pose some interesting challenges for the Bucs. We spoke to Randy Gurzi (@Texans_TT) of the Toro Times to find out what the Bucs should be expecting when they take the field this Sunday in Houston.

1. The Texans made a QB change after week 1, moving from Brian Hoyer to Ryan Mallet. What are your thoughts on this move? Is there any chance the Bucs could see some of Hoyer on Sunday?

Too many times teams like to keep letting a guy play as they try to “see what he has.” The Jets did it with Geno Smith, the Raiders with JaMarcus Russell, and Arizona with Matt Leinart. When the guy can’t play, he can’t play. Kudos to coach O’Brien for realizing Brian Hoyer was still Brian Hoyer and pulling the plug.

Ryan Mallett may never fully develop into a great starter but there is potential there, whereas Hoyer has none. I doubt he sees the field again unless Mallett gets hurt.

2. Arian Foster won’t play Sunday, so what do you think of the Texans RB committee? Should the Bucs be worried about the Texans ground game on Sunday?

The Bucs don’t need to worry much at all about the running game as long as Arian Foster is sidelined. Alfred Blue and Jonathan Grimes have underwhelmed, although Grimes has done a decent job catching the ball out of the backfield.

Chris Polk was their best running back last weekend and in my opinion he has the most upside in terms of simply running the ball. Still, he has a low YPC average (3.2 yards). Although in all fairness to the runners, this offensive line has been banged up and playing musical chairs. Perhaps a healthier line could lead to better production for these guys.

3. Jadeveon Clowney was last year’s no. 1 overall pick and he’s finally playing after missing a lot of time in 2014. What about him should scare Bucs fans the most heading into Sunday’s game?

I hate to say this, but to this point Jadeveon Clowney has not given anyone a reason to be scared. Since being picked first overall in 2014 he has registered ten tackles in six career games. Until he gets some results I wouldn’t worry about him near as much as J.J. Watt.

4. Deandre Hopkins was diagnosed a concussion after the Panthers game, if he can’t go or isn’t 100% on Sunday what will the Texans aerial attack look like?

If DeAndre Hopkins is out, the passing attack will look a lot less explosive, but don’t sleep on Cecil Shorts and Nate Washington. Both these guys are savvy veterans with big play ability. Washington has averaged over 16 yards per reception in his career and is very underrated.

Hopkins being out would hurt a lot, but he is actually more replaceable than Arian Foster has been so far. Before anyone gets mad, that is just praise for Shorts and Washington and not a knock on Hopkins in any way, because let’s be honest…he is the real deal.

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