Buccaneers Road to Playoffs: Looking Ahead

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Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


I know what everyone is thinking..out of all teams we have to play for our last and possibly most important game, why must it be the Panthers? Well let me tell you something, the 2015 schedule couldn’t have been better to us when it comes to this game. We are in the same division so we have to play this undefeated team twice in the season. They have already beaten us once so why couldn’t they just beat us again? Because they will not care about this game! Hear me out, if the Panthers lose one, just one, game before they play us they will most likely have locked up the number one seed in the playoffs and will not have their undefeated record to play for.

This is why I think the Buccaneers can win this game. Not that I don’t think the Buccaneers playing their best football can beat the Panthers at full strength but lets wait till we have to figure that out and I don’t know about you but for now I would rather go against a few backups. Hopefully Ron Rivera will see no reason in starting his star quarterback in a meaningless game and let him rest before the playoffs along with Josh Norman and a couple of other superstars on that roster.

If this happens then I think with adding in the fact that this will likely be our win and you’re in-game, there will be no way in hell that backups for the Panthers will be beating us on this particular Sunday even if it is in front of the Panthers fans. I don’t have 3 reasons why we could beat this team because we don’t need three, all we need is one, just hope the Panthers lose one before us and I promise that they will not be playing their best ball and will be resting some players for this game. Rivera has already been heard saying that the undefeated record means nothing to them, they want the Superbowl. Well if that’s the case Ron Rivera, then prove it by benching the big boys and letting some of the backups get the whooping that Buccaneers will bring that last Sunday the week before we prepare to play in the Wild Card Game the following week in the most meaningful game they played in since 2007!

The writing is on the wall Buccaneers fans and I don’t know about you but I am loving the situation we have ahead of us and if the Buccaneers play like I think they can then we have a real shot to do this thing and go to the Playoffs!!!