Rumor: The Cowboys Have An Offer Out For Mike Glennon

Sep 13, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (left) and quarterback Mike Glennon (right) work out prior to the game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 13, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (left) and quarterback Mike Glennon (right) work out prior to the game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

After ESPN predicted a possible trade between the Bucs and Cowboys for Mike Glennon, more details have begun to emerge about this rumor.

Yesterday we reported on an article that ESPN had published where they predicted that a trade would happen between the Buccaneers and Cowboys to move Mike Glennon out of Tampa. Now, we have found further evidence that this trade rumor possibly could be legitimate.

According to 247 insider Luke Rogers, brother of Aaron Rodgers, the Cowboys have an offer on the table for Mike Glennon and are just waiting for the Bucs to negotiate with them.

Check out this snippet from Rodgers appearance yesterday on 102.5 The Game, which is Nashville’s ESPN Radio station.

That’s an interesting statement from Rogers, and he makes a few solid points. Kellen Moore is not the future QB in Dallas, he failed to record a win last year in 2 starts and only accumulated 4 TD’s to 6 INT’s in those appearances. Dak Prescott is a developmental QB who wasn’t even Jerry Jones first option in the draft, and there’s no guarantee he’ll turn into a guy that can be the face of a franchise. And obviously you have Tony Romo‘s injury concerns, the guy missed 12 games last year with multiple serious injuries. He broke his collarbone in week 2 against the Eagles and then broke his clavicle against the Panthers in just his second game after returning from the collarbone injury. Dallas lost all but one game they played without Romo, and most of that was because they didn’t have a reliable QB in his absence. Besides Kellen Moore, Brandon Weeden played a few games before the Cowboys cut him, and Matt Cassel saw time and was dreadful.

But Luke Rodgers was not done, he talked about the Jets QB situation and with the trouble they are having signing Ryan Fitzpatrick, he alluded that Glennon could be an option for New York. However, he mentioned that the Bucs have a high asking price for the backup QB. Rogers said that the Arizona Cardinals were going hard after Mike Glennon, and the Bucs apparently declined an offer of a second round pick for him, which I find hard to believe. He also said that after the Cardinals pulled off the trade to acquire Chandler Jones from New England, they went back to the Buccaneers and offered 2016 and 2017 3rd rounders for Glennon, and were also turned away by Tampa Bay.

You can hear Rodgers speak on Glennon from about 2:50-6:20 in the audio below.

If Rodgers sources are legit, then it sounds like Tampa Bay has a few interesting routes they should look into. They can keep Glennon in Tampa, and he’ll leave after the season to move on to a  team that is looking for a QB, or they can trade him for the best possible package. Muhammad Wilkerson to the Bucs in a package deal for Mike Glennon was a rumor floating around pre draft, but with the addition of Noah Spence and Robert Ayers I doubt that would still be the deal that is discussed. A possible deal with the Jets would be nixed if they do come to an agreement with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

As for the Cardinals, if they offer another package with multiple third round picks the Bucs should pounce on it. That would be an excellent deal to pull off, and if that rumored deal was actually offered I see no reason why they wouldn’t have already accepted it.

The Cowboys are another fascinating landing spot for Glennon, and since Rodgers says they have an offer on the table for the QB, it is worth keeping an eye on to see if something materializes out of that. If Ryan Griffin shows he has the ability to back up Jameis Winston in the preseason, it could make Glennon even more expendable via trade.

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It wouldn’t necessarily hurt the Bucs to lose Mike Glennon next offseason for nothing, but they could further increase the rebuilding process if they netted a few picks for a guy that seemingly is on his way out of Tampa Bay.