Buccaneers Most Disappointing Players of the 2016 Season

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers /

Doug Martin

My biggest disappointment of 2016 for the Bucs was easily Doug Martin. After rushing for 1,402 yards in 2015 I won’t say I expected him to take the rushing title, but I certainly expected him to be a Top-10 back and compete for a Pro Bowl selection. Instead, we got his worst statistical outing of his career despite the fact he actually played more games this year than in 2013 when he appeared in just six.

From game one it just didn’t fit, and while I’ll never be one to fault a player for injury, Bucs fans have to be left feeling like there was just something missing. Perhaps it was actually there was too much of something added as he was busted and suspended for using Adderall and has since been tied to ever-growing recreational drug rumors.

Considering the offensive line hadn’t changed a whole lot between last season and this one, his 2.9 yards per carry are a surprising disappointment, and one which may have cost him his new contract and any positive legacy he had to leave in Tampa.

David Harrison