Buccaneers Most Disappointing Players of the 2016 Season

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NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons
NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons /

Doug Martin

Not to be like “Captain Obvious” here but the most disappointing player from the Bucs’ 2016 season was running back Doug Martin. He was a typical player in a contract year looking to cash in during his 2015 campaign when he rushed for 1,402 yards. His performance got him the payday but it was his poor judgment that earned him the title of most disappointing player.

When he was injured early on this past season he only thought of himself. He put himself before the team when he went for the weak-minded decision of popping PEDs to cope with injuries. This selfish act may have cost the Bucs a spot in the playoffs because the Doug Martin that the team wanted was never Doug Martin they envisioned having.

However, what if this was the real Doug Martin? What if this is who he is? I know the reports are out there of what he has done. But I know that I feel comfortable saying this was not his first time experimenting with something he should not be.

I was against re-signing Doug Martin after last season for many reasons. All he did in 2016 was validate those thoughts.

Gil Arcia