Buccaneers: Reviewing the 2013 Draft Class

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NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers /

Round 3. Mike Glennon

The number 73 overall pick is a tough one to evaluate. In his time as the starter, Glennon played reasonably well. In his rookie year of 2013, he threw for 19 touchdowns versus only nine interceptions. But, the Bucs didn’t win very often. They only won four out of Glennon’s 13 starts that year.  The next year, although Lovie dubbed him the future quarterback, Josh McCown was named the starter. The Bucs turned down trade offers for him, but he wasn’t the opening day starter. He played in six games that year, starting five, with a TD:INT ratio of 10-6. But, the Bucs went 1-4 and he lost the job again.

He clearly isn’t the quarterback of the future, otherwise we wouldn’t be so well acquainted with that guy named Jameis Winston. However, he is one of the most sought after quarterbacks in the league for teams that need one. He could have been traded prior to the 2016 season, but word is that the package Jason Licht wanted back was too rich for other teams.

The end result is that he is likely to sign somewhere else, potentially for big money. According to Adam Schefter, Glennon could command $13-$15 million per year on the open market. Part of that is the fact that there aren’t a lot of veteran quarterback options available. But, it also shows that SOMEBODY thinks this young man can play. Despite the career record, they like that he doesn’t turn the ball over.

So how do we grade this guy? Well, the grade goes down because he wasn’t a fit for the Bucs, but it comes back up a bit for his efficiency when he did play. He’s not a bust, but he’s not the right guy.