Buccaneers: Game plan, attacking and defending the New England Patriots

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Keeping Tom Brady and the Patriots offense on the sidelines will be key in ensuring a Tampa Bay Buccaneer victory Thursday night.

Attacking The Patriots

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have their work cut out for them, but New England’s defense is off to a historically bad start under head coach Bill Belichick, giving up over 31 points per game.

The Patriots All-Pro corner Malcolm Butler was benched because of poor play only getting to see the field again because of injury. Opposite corner Stephon Gilmore, a highly paid free agent from Buffalo, has quickly turned into the defensive whipping boy, because of his inability to pick up New England’s defensive scheme.

Their linebackers also struggle in pass coverage, while the front four have difficulty setting the edge in the run game.

The signature of any Belichick defense is to take away what the opponent does best. When it comes to the Buccaneers that is the connection between quarterback Jameis Winston and wide receiver Mike Evans.

Although I still think Evans will get his targets, the Bucs will move the ball through the air almost at will down the middle of the field. Look for 50% of Winston’s targets to be to Adam Humphries, Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard.

If Buccaneer head coach Dirk Koetter goes against his better instincts and attacks the Patriots linebackers through the air play after play. The Bucs will score enough points to get a victory Thursday night.

Defending The Patriots

As bad as New England is on defense the exact opposite can be said for their offense.

Tom Brady is going to get his completions, Tom Brady is going to throw touchdowns, Tom Brady is not going to throw an interception. There isn’t a defense in the NFL that can stop Tom Brady.

So how does the Buccaneer defense contain Tom “Captain America” Brady?

Simply put. Keep him off the field and limit the amount of series he gets during the game.

NFL players to a man despise playing on Thursday nights. The four day turnaround is hard on their bodies. Enter fresh off suspension running back Doug Martin.

Martins first game action of the 2017 season will come this Thursday night. Fresh legs is an understatement in every sense of the definition. If the Buccaneers can establish the run game early with their best back they can control the game, the clock and Brady opportunities.


The middle of the field will be open for Jameis Winston. Don’t be afraid to keep attacking that area play after play.

Offense is your best defense. When the Bucs offense isn’t picking up chunk yardage down the middle. Ride the ultra-fresh legs of Doug Martin to extend drives and bled the clock. Keeping Tom Brady on the side lines. Especially late in the fourth quarter.

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