Bucs after Dark: New jerseys on the way for Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a game against the Los Angeles Raiders. The Raiders won the game 27-20.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a game against the Los Angeles Raiders. The Raiders won the game 27-20. /

Entering their sixth season in their current uniforms, co-chairman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has not ruled out the idea of a new look after 2019.

According to an interview of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ co-chairman Joel Glazer, conducted by PewterReport.com’s Mark Cook, the team has not ruled out a uniform change after the 2019 season. This would be tremendous news for both the team and its fans alike.

In the interview, Glazer told Cook:

"“We are looking at everything and seeing where we can change things in our organization for the better… Whether it is our stadium, on the field, off the field, uniforms… everything is always on the table and under discussion” (via PewterReport).More from The Pewter PlankDevin White posts cryptic message to Lavonte David on TwitterESPN predicts surprising outcome to Devin White trade sagaUpdated Buccaneers depth chart after signing two players from rookie minicampTodd Bowles sends clear message about Baker Mayfield’s role with BucsThe Athletic is wrong about Bucs one ‘must-watch’ game in 2023"

Unveiling their current uniforms in 2014, it is quite possible that Tampa Bay has the worst uniforms in the entirety of the NFL. A change would be welcome and a nice breath of fresh air for the Buccaneers and the entire fan base, giving everyone involved a chance to cleanse themselves of the horrid alarm clock style jerseys.

While it is extremely unlikely, the Buccaneers should conduct a complete overhaul, scrap the pewter and red, and go back to the orange creamsicle style uniforms that they wore until the 1997 season. This classic look would move the Buccaneers back in time and ahead in tradition, and you know, bringing back Bucco Bruce just makes too much sense with Bruce Arians now at the helm in Tampa Bay.

Even the all red color rush uniforms for the Buccaneers are horrifying to the point that parents should not let their children watch Tampa Bay’s games when those uniforms are on display. Changes are very much needed, and it is nice to hear that the Glazer’s and the Buccaneers’ higher ups are open to the idea of a new look.

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For now, there is still need for fans, players, coaches, or staff members of the Buccaneers to set their alarm clocks as their terrible jerseys are doing that for them. In the future, and potentially the near future the city of Tampa Bay can dream of a better day with a cleaner, sleeker look.