Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 15 greatest pass rushers in franchise history

Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)
Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images) /
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Stylez G. White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Stylez G. White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

player. 48. . DE. (2007-10). Stylez G. White. 10

Does a player like Stylez G. White deserve to be in the top-10 of a list like this, since he only spent four seasons with the Buccaneers from 2007 to 2010?

While it’s easy to make the case that White deserves to be a bit lower on the list, this will always be one of the biggest “what-if” scenarios surrounding Tampa Bay. There were so many great things to take away from his time with the team that left some fans wanting more.

Believe it or not, the Buccaneers were one of a few teams that took a chance on White back in 2002 after he was originally selected in the seventh round of the draft by the Houston Texans, although it wasn’t until 2007 that he actually played.

Between the failed attempts to make it on a NFL team early in his career, to giving the AFL a shot as a member of the Orlando Predators, they say everything does happen for a reason. The Buccaneers were luckily willing to give White another shot.

Despite only starting two of the 16 games he appeared in during the 2007 season, White certainly made the most of finally earning an opportunity to play in the NFL. He finished the year with eight sacks, which would end up being his career high from the four years in Tampa Bay.

Maybe if the Buccaneers knew White was capable of playing on this high of a level with his pass-rushing skills, it wouldn’t have taken until 2007 to finally give the defender a chance?

24 career sacks may not seem like the biggest deal on paper, but seeing how White was able to accomplish this in only 63 career games says a lot about his skills as a defender.