Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans gets special abilities in Madden 20

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Will Vragovic/Getty Images)
Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Will Vragovic/Getty Images) /

In Madden 20, set to release at the end of the summer, star players will be given special abilities; Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is one of them.

For a handful of years leading up to this point, EA Sport’s Madden games have been just about the same game with some slight tweaks every year. This year, however, EA Sports is adding features that allows the best players in the league to have special abilities; Mike Evans is the only player on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to receive an ability.

Evans is actually give three abilities in Madden 20 due to his star power and five straight seasons with 1,000 yards receiving. The three abilities are called “Double Me,” “Streak Specialist,” and “Curl Specialist.”

“Double Me” will give Evans the ability to out-muscle defenders at the catch point and increases his ability to make contested catches in single coverage. Players in the upcoming Madden game will have access to these special powers once they enter what is called “the zone.” In order for Evans to gain access to the “Double Me” ability he must make multiple 20+ yard catches; he can lose the ability if he misses catches as well.

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The other two abilities just as their name describes: makes Evans more efficient when running both a streak and a curl route and he will have a higher probability of making the play when running those routes. These abilities are always equipped to Evans and do not have to be earned in gameplay.

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These new features will make Evans more fun and desirable to play with, and it is nice to see Evans finally gathering national attention for the play that Tampa Bay knows he has consistently been capable of. If the Buccaneers have an exciting and surprising 2019 season, then Madden 21 may feature even more players than just Evans.