5 priorities for Buccaneers to improve this offseason

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One drive away from a win and an 8-8 season, the Buccaneers lost today’s game against Atlanta. All it took was one play to seal their fate.

The 2019 season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is over. A Week 17 loss at the hands of division rival, Atlanta Falcons, on the first play of overtime was a complete microcosm of the Buccaneers season this year. On the opening drive for Tampa Bay in overtime, Jameis Winston throws an interception on the first snap that’s taken back for a Falcon’s touchdown.

Ball game. Tampa Bay now heads into the 2020 offseason with a losing 7-9 record instead of a more respectable 8-8.

Plenty and good and bad on the season overall, but here’s some quick rapid response. Bruce Arians put out a viewable product for the people of Tampa Bay this year, despite what the record showed. The young team clearly turned the corner midway through the season and put together a competitive showing week in and week out from that point on.

When taken into consideration the Buccaneers having one of the toughest schedules in the year, enduring a 49-day road trip in-between home games, and implementing a new base defense as well as adjustments with veterans and new rookies? Arians deserves credit for even being in consideration for an 8-8 Tampa Bay team by Week 17. At 66 years old, he’s still got it.

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