Buccaneer Quarterback Jameis Winston: What you see is what you get

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The divided fanbase are anxiously awaiting the word on troubled Buccaneer quarterback Jameis Winston’s future here in the Bay Area.

Everyone that supports Buccaneer Quarterback Jameis Winston has it firmly in their mind why it is he should be given at least one more season to get a hold of the problem.  I’d like for all of his supporters reading this to just take a second, get a clean influx of fresh air, allow yourself not to be pulled into all the Winston squabbles for a moment.

Clear out your mind and concentrate on the simplest of things, the bare basics, the common sense at the heart of things. Because the explanation of Jameis Winston and his problem is so very basically fundamental, and understandable if you allow yourself to be self aware, and honest with yourself.

Supporters constantly are pointing to the moments of greatness that Winston has displayed. Because of those moments, they talk him up like he’s the second coming of Joe Montana but with a stronger arm. Okay, that actually makes some sense. There he is on TV for all to see his heroics and stellar play for those moments.

These attributes that allow him to play so well are counted as his strengths, part of his game, his makeup, his abilities, what comes from inside him to pull off these moments is all Winston and are his skill set.

They take it without a thought that his skills are genuinely his own, and he gets them honest, born with them, a part of him. At the same time, without making any sense at all they do not believe that the interception problem will continue. When actually what they should be realizing about their favorite QB, is that the problem he has comes just as honestly and naturally as the good things he does.

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