Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Could new uniforms return to creamsicle colors?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are expected to unveil new uniforms at some point in the 2020 offseason and some hope that could entail a color change.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are expected to be dropping a new uniform during the 2020 offseason.

The Bucs’ official social media account has been teasing new uniforms for the past few months and it was all amplified with a video all but confirming the speculation earlier in February.

Now, as Buccaneers fans patiently wait the new unveil, people begin to speculate as to what the uniform could look like. Keep in mind that the official video on the jersey unveil said the uniforms would blend the old with the new.

With that being said, a Reddit concept unveil that has the Buccaneers returning to the old ‘creamsicle look’ has become a popular talking point for the Tampa Bay faithful.


This uniform concept is interesting, nonetheless, but doesn’t feature much of the pewter color that the Buccaneers have become synonymous with. Many fans would love to see the return to the throwbacks, but I doubt that the vast majority of the fanbase would agree that this is the design they’d be happy to see when the real uniforms are unveiled.

Though many fans are already ruling out the idea of the Buccaneers going back to the retro colors, the official social media account isn’t helping that case. The Buccaneers just released wallpapers for fans that are only black and white, almost as if fans could color in the designs as they see fit.


I expect that we’ll see the official uniform unveil at some point in the next couple of months before the NFL Draft.

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Tampa Bay clearly has been working hard to improve the current uniform design and give the fanbase a scheme they can be proud of as we step into this new era.