Jameis Winston: The perfect fit for the New England Patriots

Jameis Winston addressed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan base Saturday after five years of being the quarterback for the organization.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially announced the signing of QB Tom Brady Friday morning, putting to bed a five-year span for Jameis Winston as the quarterback of the organization.

Winston, who has a 28-42 career record and has thrown for 121 touchdowns to 88 interceptions, addressed the Bucs fan base Saturday.

Winston thanked the Tampa Bay faithful and said he believes he’ll have a chance to compete for a Super Bowl at his next destination. Who knows, he certainly has the upside to do so if he could find a way to get over the interception bug.

As we look at the current free-agent market at quarterback, the truth is that there aren’t too many openings for Jameis Winston. The Colts have now signed Philip Rivers. The Bears now have Nick Foles. The Raiders and Chargers are both seeking after potential trades for Cam Newton.

All those things being said, there may be an organization that would be the perfect fit for Jameis Winston, though. It’s Tom Brady’s old team: The New England Patriots.

The Patriots aren’t going to find the next Brady in this free-agency class and they pick rather late in the draft. Even if they did sell-out to a Jacob Eason or Jordan Love, they’d still probably like to have a veteran they could count on instead of throwing a rookie into the fire.

Winston could be that guy.

If the Patriots gave Jameis Winston a one-year deal, they’d be basically losing nothing. They’d be set to ‘tank for Trevor Lawrence,’ but could have all the upside in the world if Winston comes into his own. Who knows? If Winston cuts down on the interception totals and works with Bill Belichick, he could prove to be one of the better quarterbacks in the league and earn himself a long-term deal as a result.

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There aren’t too many markets for Jameis Winston, but the Patriots should certainly consider the former Buccaneer as they move forward in free-agency.

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