Buccaneers: Why Jacob Eason is the future for Tampa Bay

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Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – FEBRUARY 25: Head coach Bruce Arians of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers speaks to the media at the Indiana Convention Center on February 25, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Bruce Arians

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be looking to find the future at the quarterback position in the next couple of drafts and Jacob Eason could be the answer.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got their answer at quarterback for the next couple of seasons.

The Buccaneers are in great shape to compete for the playoff with Tom Brady at the helm, but there’s no guaranteeing that the 43-year-old veteran will be playing much longer than the two seasons he is currently signed for in Tampa Bay.

Because of that, the organization must act wisely- and quickly, for that matter- to find the answer after the GOAT is finished.

That means the Buccaneers will have to address the position in some way, form or fashion in one of the next two drafts- or free-agency- and it would certainly be preferable to see the answer found this spring.

Washington QB Jacob Eason could be the answer.

Here’s a look at three reasons why Eason could be the future for Tampa Bay.

3. He’s a mid-rounder with upside

Eason isn’t going to be taken in the first-round of the draft. There are many NFL experts who don’t believe he’ll go in the second-round.

Because of the fact that the Buccaneers could potentially get Eason with a third-round pick- or at the worst a second-round pick- this creates good value.

You’re not gambling a first-round pick on a guy that could potentially turn out to be the future or could be a bust. Instead, you’d be giving up much less value for a player who has proven to have high upside.

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