Tom Brady has a new mansion in Tampa Bay. And it’s sweet.

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady has officially moved to the Bay Area in his new mansion. One thing’s for sure: He won’t be roughing it while in Florida.

Tom Brady has officially arrived in Tampa Bay, and he’s doing so in style.

According to reports from the Tampa Bay Times, Brady is in the process of moving his family to Derek Jeter’s 30,000 square-foot mansion on Davis Island.

The mansion, which is being rented by Tom Brady, will provide him and his family with many luxuries, including seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an entertainment room and billiards room with two boat lifts, a pool, hot tub, two three-car garages, and much more.

Jeter’s mansion was constructed for $7.7 million.

Tom Brady surely is planning for him and his family to be comfortable during their time in Tampa Bay and it’s clear that he is looking forward to the couple of years in Florida.

As far as football is concerned, Brady signed a two-year, $50 million deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just a couple of weeks ago. He spent his first 20 years in the NFL with the New England Patriots, but was looking to get out of the organization here on the back-end of his career.

Brady said he is ready to get to work and it will be fun to watch him run Bruce Arians’ offense this coming season. The 43-year-old veteran has something to prove and he is coming to Tampa with one thing on his mind: Winning another championship.

Brady will have more skill position options with the Buccaneers than ever before in his career and he will have the opportunity to take the Bucs to the playoffs for the first time in 12 years for the organization.

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