Tom Brady is more focused than ever on winning a championship

Tom Brady is more focused than ever on winning a championship

Tom Brady didn’t just join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to live out his final years of football on ‘cruise control’ in a tropical climate.

Brady shocked the nation just a couple of months ago when it was reported that he was signing a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady, who had played the last two decades with the New England Patriots, was expected to either re-sign with his long-time organization or join an NFL franchise in a much bigger market. He chose neither.

Instead, Tom Brady set his eyes on coming down south and joining a Buccaneers organization that had been heavily overlooked and undersold.

Though many believed at first that he was just doing it as a way to enjoy some nice weather and collect a pay check, Brady is showing that he is more focused than ever on winning a championship.

Be afraid of a focused Tom Brady

Earlier this week, Tom Brady took the field with his new teammates for the first time. Well, it wasn’t at the team facility, so it wasn’t ‘the field’ but it was a field (Berkeley Prep, to be exact).

The players elected to meet privately with one another and the result should have Bucs fans excited. Brady showed up in full gear, donning Buccaneers orange, while the rest of his teammates were wearing t-shirts.

In my opinion, these simple things are showing the focus that Brady truly has for the upcoming season.

Can you remember a time in the past few seasons where Brady went out of his way to work through offseason preparation? Can you remember the last time we saw the QB go the extra mile- intentionally in public- with his teammates?

The truth of the matter is that Brady is sending a powerful statement to the rest of the league. He is more focused than ever and wants nothing more than to compete for another Super Bowl, this time out of New England.

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Can the 43-year-old veteran get the job done? That remains to be seen, but Buccaneers should rest easy knowing that they are going to see a laser-focused, prepared and motivated Tom Brady when the 2020 season kicks off here in a few months.

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