If sold today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could go for $2.2 billion

If sold today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could go for $2.2 billion

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, owned by the Glazer family, are one of the least valuable NFL franchises in the league, according to the methodology of Forbes.

Each year, Forbes releases lists detailing the most valuable sports franchises in the world and the Buccaneers were included on the list.

We all know that the NFL is ‘big money’ and that even the smallest of franchises make more than what some of the top franchises in other sports leagues profit.

While the Buccaneers are only ahead of five teams in the NFL in terms of worth, Tampa Bay is listed as the No. 49 most valuable sports franchise in the world, valued at $2.2 billion according to Forbes.

Here’s a look at the most valuable sports franchises and their worth, according to Forbes.

  1. Dallas Cowboys ($5.5 billion)
  2. New York Yankees ($5 billion)
  3. New York Knicks ($4.6 billion)
  4. Los Angeles Lakers ($4.4 billion)
  5. Golden State Warriors ($4.3 billion)
  6. Real Madrid ($4.24 billion)
  7. New England Patriots ($4.1 billion)
  8. Barcelona ($4.02 billion)
  9. New York Giants ($3.9 billion)
  10. Manchester United ($3.81 billion)

Small market Buccaneers still draw quite the amount of revenue

Yes. Every team in the NFC South is valued higher than the Buccaneers, but you still can’t deny that this small market Tampa Bay fanbase still generates plenty of revenue.

Interestingly enough, the Glazer family bought the Bucs in 1995 for $192 million. That means the value in the franchise has increased by more than $1 billion in 25 years.

That just goes to show you how much a small market franchise can be worth.

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It’s intriguing to look and see how much some of these sports franchises would go for on the open market and to realize the economic power of the NFL, considering that the league holds 26 of the top 50 spots in the world.

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